Hanko Sushi

Hanko Sushi – Sushi from responsibly caught and farmed seafood

Most of our restaurants are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic starting from Thursday 26 March 2020. We look forward to opening our doors to you all again!

Take away meals and food delivery messenger orders are available at the following restaurants:

Hanko Sushi story is written in our name. It tells you where we come from: the maritime city of Hanko in southern Finland, where our first restaurant was born in 2009. The name is also a symbol of the most important principle of our work. Han ko is Japanese for seal, a personal stamp of quality.
We create all dishes by hand, on site. We only use the best ingredients. This means that our dishes are always unique and come with a freshness guarantee.

In addition to high-quality sushi, Hanko Sushi means a pleasant and relaxed sushi moment alone, together, with the family, or in a large group.

There is no need to stress about eating at Hanko Sushi; we offer you a tasty, cosy and pleasant moment to enjoy sushi in the middle of the hectic city.

Hanko Sushi is a stamp of quality – a guarantee of a unique sushi moment.

Lunches, catering for meetings, gift cards and takeaway – we offer a comprehensive selection of options for a range of needs.

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