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Hanko Sushi – Finland’s largest sushi family

The first Hanko Sushi Bar was established in Hanko in the summer of 2009. The restaurant, which combines the spirit of the archipelago with the Japanese, was very popular. The owners were passionate sushi lovers and made every effort for the first restaurant and it was worth it.

In 2014, Royal Restaurant acquired the then 12 restaurant chain. Towards the end of 2018, Restamax and Royal Restaurants merged to form Finland’s largest restaurant chain today. Hanko Sushi is also Finland’s largest and most renowned sushi restaurant chain with 24 units. Currently, Hanko Sushi employs approximately 175 people, and depending on the size of the restaurant, one to five employees work in one location.

In Japanese, Hanko means a personal stamp. Hanko Sushi is an approachable restaurant where the whole family is welcome to eat. Its popularity is based on fresh ingredients, tasty portions and uncomplicated service.

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