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Hanko Sushi and WWF | for more sustainable fish farming

We cooperate with WWF Finland. For every Salmon Selection we sell, we will donate 0.50 € to WWF for work on responsible fish farming. The salmon we use is ASC certified. It is also a responsible choice marked in WWF’s Fish Guide Green.

Hanko Sushi WWF lohilautanen

In December 2019, Hanko Sushi with its 24 restaurans has been awarded MSC and ASC traceability certificates. As the first sushi restaurant chain in Finland, restaurants offer only sushi made from certified, sustainably fished and responsibly farmed fish and shellfish. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Counsil) Blue and the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) Turquoise eco-label tell the consumer that our seafood comes from a sustainable fish stock or responsible fish farm and is traceable all the way from the sea or aquaculture facility to the restaurant. The certifications were carried out by an independent certification body, Kiwa Inspecta.