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The Golden Fish 2020 Award for Hanko Sushi

The Golden Fish 2020 Award for Hanko Sushi

Hanko Sushi restaurants were awarded MSC’s Golden Fish 2020 Award on Sustainable Fish Day on Thursday, September 17th. The award, presented for the third time, was awarded in recognition of active and diverse cooperation and the promotion of a responsible seafood market in Finland. Hanko Sushi’s restaurants only offer MSC- or ASC-certified fish and seafood.

“It’s fantastic that the work we’ve been doing for years is taken into account this way. We hope our work inspires other restaurants to do the same. In this way, we can continue to enjoy sustainably fished and responsibly farmed seafood in the future, ”celebrates Hanko Sushi’s sushi guru Jesper Björkell.

“We congratulate Hanko Sushi on the award and thank them for their cooperation, which will continue this autumn in the spirit of the tuna campaign. The Tunafull Weeks, which bring responsibly caught MSC-certified tuna to people’s consciousness, have just started in Hanko Sushi restaurants all over the country, ”says Johanna Vepsä, MSC Finland’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

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